Black Majesty Reggaeton Lento

Black Majesty Hollywood X Black Majesty Get Off Of My Cloud

Owners: Iva Raic & Natascha Hochhold
Breeder: Iva Raic, Black Majesty Kennel
Date of birth: August 8, 2018


POAG clear


  • still too young


  • BOB Puppy 


“I know it’s crazy, but I feel like you could be, the ONE that I’ve been chasing in my dreams!”
(CNCO – Reggaetón Lento)

Our Naty was born as a very outgoing and sassy little puppy, just like her mummy Senorita. I have always admired Senorita for her type and I am very happy to see, she passed it on to her little girl. Izzy has already proven before that he is a really good stud and he was able to show it again with this litter. I am so happy to have two of my favourit Petits as Naty’s parents. Thank you Iva for another fab little dog <3

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