Wall·E is European Junior Winner 2019!

So very happy to report that our first Basset fauve de Bretagne – Whistlewood’s Triumph – was shown again after a long break. Last time he was shown he just turned a puppy, so we decided it was about the time to enter the rings again and this decision was a good one 🙂 

Wall·E was chosen as the JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER 2019 and went on to be selected for JUNIOR BEST OF BREED! I can’t state how happy and proud I am. 

Also our baby Naty (Black Majesty Reggaeton Lento) didn’t let us down. She was by far the youngest one in class, only being 10 months of age, and showed her little heart out for me. She jumped and was very happy, giving the judge a hard time to choose the winner. After a long time of thinking Mrs. Desserne placed her second in a very competitive junior class, being placed after a bitch with 15 months of age. I am sure out little girl has a bright future in front of her! 

Thank you Iva & Elisabeth for all your help and mentoring, for always being there to support me – I couldn’t do all this without you <3 

Naty is a junior now!

At INT Wieselburg, which was her second show ever, Naty showed herself off as if she has never done anything else in her life! Not only did she win JUNIOR BEST OF BREED, but also BOS with the tender age of 9 months and 3 days. We are so very pleased with our little girl <3 

Rijeka, Graz & Salzburg

Let’s face it. I have been a bit lazy this year, when it comes to publish show-results here on this website. By now we have not only attended the show in Celje, which I have posted before, but have also been to Rijeka (HR), Graz & Salzburg (A).

I decided to enter Rijeka even though both Evita and Parfait had their championships closed, simply because I wanted to spend some time with friends. Evita won BOS both days, when Iva’s Luigi (Black Majesty’s Rollercoaster del Lago degli Orsi) took the breed and won RBOG and BOG. Parfait was JrBOB and baby Naty, shown on one day only, won the BOB puppy with fantastic critiques starting with the words “This puppy is more than very promising, she is super!”.

In Graz Evita won the breed and was placed in the group, while Evita won the first ever awarded Junior BOB in Austria! Keeping on the success in Salzburg, Evita won another breed under Darko Drobnjak (SRB) and went on to a fab res. BEST OF GROUP! Let’s see where this showyear will lead us – I am certainly excited!

#1 PBGV 2018!

Just like the year before our Izzy made it to be AUSTRIAN SHOWWINNER 2018, leading the pointsystem by far!

This is the third year in a row that our dogs are on top! (2016: Evita, 2017: Izzy, 2018: Izzy). So incredible thankful to Iva Raic for all the trust she has put into me <3

New showyear!

This year we decided to start our showyear earlier than usual and entered the show in Celje in the middle of January! Evita was shown both days and could win the breed both days, one time from CH class and one time from working class. With these two CAC’s (one spec. CAC) she opened yet another title – the Slovenian Champion.

On Sunday my princess Evita was unstoppable and went on to be chosen as reserve BEST OF GROUP! It felt so good to be back in the rings with her.

…already a champion!

Only 5 days after Miss Parfait turned 9 months and was allowed to enter junior class she became CROATIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION! During the big and famous Zagreb shows she won JrBOB & BOS both days, qualified for Crufts’19, won the Zagreb Junior Winner title 2018 and was selected in JBIS every day!! Thanks to her breeder and coowner Iva Raic for handling & pampering her that weekend, as I couldn’t go!

Puppy Best In Show!

After her huge success at World Dog Show in Amsterdam 2018 – where she won BABY BEST OF DAY -, Parfait continued to win big! Only being entered once in puppyclass she managed to make us proud again by immediately winning BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!

Success @ World Dog Show

This year the World Dog Show 2018 was held in Amsterdam, NL. We travelled there together with a bunch of dogs and had a blast for sure. Having shown two puppies at Benelux Winner show, we had a day off and then came back for World Dog Show.

Our Izzy – Black Majesty Hollywood – was shown in a big champion class and was graded Exc with the words “That one is really nice”. He showed himself wonderfully as he always does and I could not be happier.

Our youngster Parfait – Black Majesty Bubble In Trouble – (Evita’s daughter) is a baby full of herself. That little dog is very energetic and drew all the attention to herself. She took her class (baby class) and competed against her brother for the final decision of Best Minor Puppy of Breed. Again she was unstoppable (literally…) and won the title! That alone would have made us very proud, seeing such a young dog, showing herself off so well, but no .. Parfait decided it was not the time to stop yet. She went into the finals with Iva Raic and WON IT ALL! Parfait was chosen as MINOR PUPPY BEST OF DAY at WORLD DOG SHOW – nothing bigger could have happened. Needless to say we are very excited!

You can watch a bit of her competing in the big ring <here>.

Evita makes history!

Coming back from her maternity leave Evita – Black Majesty Griotte – made us proud already as she won several Best Of Breed’s and closed her CROATIAN GRAND CHAMPION, but it wouldn’t be Evita if that would be all:

We came back from INT Innsbruck with a brand new AUSTRIAN GRAND CHAMPION! After Izzy made history last year by being the first PBGV to win an all-breed BIS, it was our Evita’s turn this year! She is the FRIST PBGV to gain this title, which makes us extra proud! At that show Izzy took the breed both days and finished the days with a BOG 3 & BOG5 groupplacement 🙂

Izzy strikes

Another show and another groupplacement for Izzy. He won the breed under the specialist Lenka Frncova (CZ) and went on to be BEST OF GROUP 3 under Monika Blaha (A). Happy and proud me for sure! Thank you Izzy for always being a true showman <3