Whistlewood’s Triumph

Whistlewood’s Six Shooter X Whistlewood’s Orange Dawn

Owners: Natascha Hochhold & Mak Dodan
Breeder: Elisabeth Strömberg, Whistlewood’s kennel
Date of birth: April 1, 2018


  • still too young


  • European Junior Winner 2019 & JrBOB at EDS 2019
  • Minor Puppy best of breed at World Dog Show 2018  


Having had two Basset fauve de Bretagne with me for several trips and shows, I totally fell for this breed. I kept an eye on the kennel Whistlewood’s from Sweden for quite some time and contact Elisabeth. I have always loved her BFDB a lot and always admired her work and the success she had! When she told me I could have a puppy from her, I could hardly believe. Meeting Elisabeth together with my little boy Wall·E in Amsterdam, I totally knew I had made the right decision in all possible ways. Wall·E is a heart of a dog and Elisabeth such a lovely person. Thanks for everything!

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